make this jump ugh jump through i’m gonna speed run this could probably make this jump a little early make this jump that jump oh am i expected to jump all the way across no way right all right okay that’s okay it’s okay take two take two all right here goes something okay barely got it oh we got it

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we actually just cactuses are the designers cactuses what's going on what do you mean all right we're just gonna keep moving forward.

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awesome some more logs one two three oh some more designer notes the tongue could be a waterfall what tongue oh the tongue of the shoe can be a water.

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all right i almost jumped a little too early let's go awesome oh what do we got here some logs to jump on all right i got to stop rushing i got to be a little patient here.

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oh are you serious man if i had the boots on right now would it be sliding off like this there we go.

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describing what the shoe might look like the desert shoe that makes sense now oh there it is oh my god the timberland metaverse desert shoe right there look at the cactus the spikes the rocks the chain with the logo on it the effects around this oh this is crazy.

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all right it’s been unlocked okay next up we are going to the forest i just realized the timberland logo is right down the middle right here this is such a well designed map let’s enter all right this is this one gonna be easier or harder we got some more logs to jump.



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this looks a little a little harder just gotta time my jumps there we go incredible incredible performance.


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now that i got the desert biome shoes unlocked it’s gonna be easy let’s use the stone wall for the soul okay okay i’m sorry i’m starting to picture this shoot it’s gonna look very foresty.

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Just using my intuition all right running through running through i’m gonna go through right here okay we got some big jumps to make there we go.