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it would be cool if we could have fog wait we can have fog i’ll get it in the fortnite universe you can have anything anything is a reality oh i just almost slipped and fell all right i feel like we’re almost at the end.

wait there it is oh my god oh this one is cool man the rocks the stones the tree sprouting down the middle the bushes there’s like water falling out of the shoe it’s lifted up oh man this one is awesome let’s get a better view of this the forest shoe and its glory right.

here all right we got one more to collect we got two of them down the final one the arctic one one more one more the arctic trail let’s go baby oh these this portal is insane.

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what oh let me in i feel like this one’s gonna be the hardest one it’s always get it gets a little tricky with ice sliding through we gotta we gotta scale the entire mountain all right all right oh boy big jump coming up another jump one more jump.

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oh yeah i’m a pro now i’ve got both the desert and four shoes helping me through my journey i’ve never done this before i’m just as surprised as you i kind of want those shoes i know they’re just meadow shoes but i kind of want them in real life it’s not in my way okay we’re making moves oh gotta be careful.

what’s this can we have more lightning lightning whoa i’m sliding are we good oh god another slide oh god oh oh no please all right i gotta be ready to jump i wasn’t ready i said i wasn’t ready but i still made it nice come on oh another one what is this oh no way.

no way how am i supposed to make that gotta make sure i keep my momentum am i supposed to touch that crystal are you kidding me give me up take fish oh there we go come on got a time to jump.