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There’s nothing more sus than that guys i’ve also equipped the weird eddie brock venom skin just because i remember from a previous video charlie found this skin the most suss so guys i’m going to invite charlie into my lobby right now but guys the only issue is he absolutely hates me at the moment oh why is dandy inviting me i thought i blocked him what is it this time wait where is all your back.


that is so sucks what the heck how did you even get that i never saw that in the shop bro it is unreleased and epic games gave me special access to the among us back bling what the heck man you’re actually so soft get out of my lobby guys charlie doesn’t even want to play with me and i haven’t even shown him the sus emo yet he’s gonna hate this so much ah do you wanna play a game of jews or something are you gonna tell me of sassy emotes.

charlie charlie chill man there’s literally nothing sus about among us among us literally created the word sauce for i’m ready up you know the only reason i play reviews because you get me vic and beat you in boys face oh my days charlie bro look at my back bling.

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