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who's he thank you sassy okay there you go charlie i've got you bro i've got you don't worry about it okay bro come here bro what is it man it's red what about it being red obviously it's red among your such reds let's go bro let's get the cheeky llama

1400 V-buck

i go to max charlie come here come here rift riff he's coming oh my charlie you actually have serious anger problems man you need to sort that out charlie just look at my back bling man look at him do you like him bro you rushing

1900 V-buck

him i kind of pumped him nice charlie's another guy rushing cracked on the floor going bro let's go daniel sometimes you're actually so sick at the game if only you wouldn't be so annoying charlie over there over there cracked attack that he's at he's 50 hp knocked you jump let's finish this guy be sus yeah you

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Bro why didn’t you just go and do your tasks already just daniel we’re not playing a mother how did he hit me hello hacker i got him i got my home come here drive me you’re so lucky that you’re somewhat decent at this game literally the only reason i play with you is because you’re good one day i’ll get a new friend and i’ll replace you you replace me there’s other people trying to snipe i said not to charlie.

i’m still alive drop me your shockwaves i’m sorry bro i’m sorry charlie i’m alive no come here come here charlie again where are you in there come in will you do this should we go yes now jump nice run run.