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today we’re checking out the timberland parkour trails this map was created by timberland in fortnite to give you guys a unique experience it’s more than just a death run it’s actually a chance to get insight into the footwear design innovation process timberland.

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concept kicks tapped into a full team of innovators and designers to bring this experience to life and with this move timberland is entering the metaverse for the very first time with boot making innovation that blends physical

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virtual worlds unlike ever before the meta boots you’re about to see here were designed entirely in fortnite designers and builders met up in a virtual design lab in fortnite modeled after timberland’s in-house maker space to create four one-of-a-kind meta boots entirely inside fortnite the first boot is the replica of the original yellow boot and there were three additional metal boots inspired by custom biomes forest arctic and desert the forest boot was also recreated in are available via sketchpad this map gives footwear fans.

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gamers a glimpse into the world of footwear design and innovation it’s fresh and exciting so let’s check it out all right so this is actually the workshop space right here in construct 1061 where they redesigned the space that they create these shoes and designed them in so this is really cool someone’s talking to me night builders.

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footwear innovators were sent out into the mountains deserts and forests there’s some backstory to this facility to create boots that could overcome these harsh terrains okay these were the meta boots now it is your mission to search the biomes discover what they created and return samples to the lab all right all right okay so we have the desert biome the forest biome.

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biome and there’s a shoe inspired by each biome but where is the original so this is actually a small version of the yellow replica i’m i see a bigger version right here oh my god hold up wow this is insane try on some timberlands with your outfit and share to hashtag timberland for night wait how do you try them on can you actually try them on with your character.

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oh my god okay okay so you can actually interact with this on any skin and just try them on that’s crazy oh that is awesome and these shoes are insane look at the attention to detail on this i mean i can’t believe this is created entirely in fortnite it’s it’s insane look at this wow okay so we got the arctic trail the forest trail and the desert trail let’s start off with the desert trail.

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figure out how the desert boot looks like oh this portal looks interesting welcome to the desert biome follow the trail discover the desert meta boot gotcha oh i’m sliding okay i’m assuming i gotta dodge the cactus hop over that last one easy wait wait can i just make this jump oh there we go all right drop it down all right all right now we’re talking oh god what am i doing.