The QR Codes for Marketing New Technology



 What QR Codes can help you?

The QR Codes for Marketing is a 2-dimensional code, or rather barcode that can be scanned by handheld consumer devices like smartphones to retrieve or pass information such as URLs, phone numbers, videos, photographs, music, text, data, and more.

It is faster and smoother for the user.

QR stands for ‘Quick Response’ and consists of a grid of tiny squares that contains far more data to be encoded than a conventional bar code, just like the one on this page.

They were actually first developed in Japan and were used to track car parts.

But today QR codes have found their way into more mainstream uses passing information like:

– Website URL

– SMS Messages

– Passing Text Data

– Contact Information ( VCard)

– Social Media Profiles and Updates

– Resumes

– Special Offer Codes

– Product Information and Market Research

– Google Maps Locations

– Events ( VCalendar)

– Paypal Buy Links

– Mobile Purchases

– Billboard and Marketing Materials

– Youtube Videos

– Telephone Number

– Mobile Airline Boarding Pass

QR codes are now more commonplace than ever before and allow consumers to access information about companies and products quicker than ever.

Today you can scan in contact information off of a name tag at conferences, place an order from your mobile device securely, or even opt-in for more information on a website, billboard, or advertisement in the paper.

If your company web address is difficult to remember, QR codes make it easier for consumers to go to your website without typing in the URL.

QR codes are not the most for new users and unknown users.

Since they are still relatively new and unknown to most people, companies that decide to start using them should send their customers to a special offer on their web site to start, then as time goes on, special offers and more advanced features can be used.

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